A Very Spidey Podcast – Ep. #105 | TRP

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Pagan returns to host this week’s Replayer podcast. Jake and Rohan join us to discuss the new Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer including theories, Spiderman love and even a spidey quiz. We also discuss some of the news to come out of Gamescom 2021 including Halo and Horizon getting release dates, new features coming to Xbox, and the New Limited Edition Halo Xbox.

 Pagan’s Favorite Bits

  • JAKE! Just watch it on YouTube. It’s just epic 
  • Discussing Gamescon announcements and everyone’s upcoming interests! 
  • Trailer reactions to Spider-Man no way home and also our special extra feature Cult of Lamb Trailer Reaction, check it out at the end of our YouTube episode!

Dan’s Favorite Bits

  • The Thumbnail says it all, Jake commits to the bit 100 percent.
  • Discussing announcements from Gamescom21 we are excited about.
  • All of the Spidey talk, theories, hopes and dreams, as well as the little Spider-Man quiz that was not expected.


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What did you think of the Spider-Man Quiz?

What were your favorite bits from this week’s episode? Let’s chat in the comments below!


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