Big ol’ Monkey and Big ol’ Lizard – Ep. #81 | TRP

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Replayers Hoot and Bo join Pagan and Dan to talk about how they became Replayers. Both Hoot and Bo are big Godzilla fans, so some hot debate comes from the recent Trailer Talk of Godzilla vs. Kong.

Bo and Hoot who are old school Replayers, but new to the podcast to tell us how they found the show and all about their love for Godzilla. They were more than happy to come on and give Pagan hell for her comments on Trailer Talk. Prepare for lots of Godzilla and Kaiju talk, while Pagan is at a loss for words.

Dan’s favorite bits:

  • The Godzilla fandom nerds hard.
  • Hoot’s breakdown of what Godzilla and Kong are.
  • Pagan comes clean about Avengers.

Pagan’s favorite bits:

  • Bo’s passion for Godzilla.
  • Hoot’s growing up in Japan.
  • When will Pornhub sponsor us?

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