RETRO REPLAY Joins Rooster Teeth’s Gaming Family

We are excited to announce that RETRO REPLAY has joined the Rooster Teeth family! As part of the partnership, Retro Replay’s entire library of content will become available on Rooster Teeth with new content premiering exclusively on Rooster Teeth 24 hours early for Rooster Teeth members. Nolan and Troy will also be attending Rooster Teeth’s annual celebration in Austin, Texas at RTX, taking place July 5-7.

How does that affect this channel? No change. Same shows. Same weekly content. Same live chats. Same Uncle Noly.

So join us each week on Monday’s at 11:30am PST for the Uncharted Drake’s Fortune | The Definitive Playthrough live chat and premiere. Then on Thursday’s at 3:30pm PST for new episodes of RETRO REPLAY and live chat.

Thanks for all the love and support. What do we play next?

– Nolan, Troy, PJ, and Drew