Uncharted Drake’s Fortune | The Definitive Playthrough – Part 8 (ft Nolan North & Troy Baker)

RETRO REPLAY presents, the playthrough 12 years in the making. For the first time ever…the man that brought Nathan Drake to life, Nolan North will playthrough Uncharted Drake’s Fortune in its entirety.

This week Nolan North and Troy Baker continue the journey of chapter 8 “The Drowned City” in Uncharted Drake’s Fortune with more behind the scenes stories and hilarious gameplay. Armed with a brand new 75″ TCL USA TV, Nolan can now see more and game more. So expect longer episodes and more progress! And now fans of RETRO REPLAY and TCL can enter to win a “55 TCL 6-Series TV! Five possible winners! So head on over to https://retroreplayshow.com/tclgiveaway/ and enter right now!

Sic Parvis Magna

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