Where’s The Goddamn Kitty Cat Bracelet?! | NOBODY | TRAILER TALK

RETRO REPLAY presents Trailer Talk! In a time where the outside got canceled… 6 people come together in what critics could someday call the best trailer show on the internet… Nolan North, PJ ‘The Big Boss’ Haarsma, Stephanie “The Judge”, Paul “Mic Check” Both, “Irish” and that other guy star in… TRAILER TALK! This week… NOBODY! The one where a middle-aged John Wick-type character retrieves a Goddamn Kitty Cat bracelet! Let’s breakdown the films editing to color design to sound design and more!

If you have an idea for a trailer to react to, don’t hesitate to comment below!

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Nolan North
PJ Haarsma
Drew Lewis
Paul Both
Stephanie Judge
Pagan McGrath

Edited by Stephanie Judge
Mixed by Paul Both
Research by Pagan McGrath
Produced & Created by Nolan North, PJ Haarmsa, Drew Lewis

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