Will Nolan North and Alison Haislip Learn the Meaning of Teamwork in Portal 2? | Retro Replay

This week we are back in the basement and Nolan North is joined by the fantastically funny, talented Alison Haislip! That’s right! Our second guest in the basement! This week Nolan and Alison travel to the Ville de Bitche, a beautiful place where the Bitche live. Then stay while Nolan and Alison put their teamwork to the test in the Valve Corporation 2011 classic PORTAL 2, where Nolan puts his Nathan Drake Puzzle-solving hat on and helps Alison … Well, sort of… This is RETRO REPLAY.

Let’s Play! 🕹

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Nolan North
Alison Haislip
Dan Morris
Josh Neff

Edited by Stephanie Judge
Mixed by Paul Both
Research by Pagan McGrath
Produced & Created by Nolan North, PJ Haarmsa, Drew Lewis

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