@zallard1 Speedruns Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! ft. Nolan North & @Anthony Caliber | Retro Replay

This week we are back in the basement for a very special episode. This week Nolan North is joined by our good friend, the talented speedrunner, @Anthony Caliber! That’s right! This time we asked Anthony to find us a speedrunner and this week we are going old-school with the one and only @zallard1 with the 1987 NES classic MIKE TYSON’S PUNCH OUT! Did we mention he’s beaten the game blindfolded?! How did he do that?! Watch as Nolan sits back and witnesses Zallard1 take on Mike Tyson! You won’t want to miss this! This is RETRO REPLAY.

Let’s Play! 🕹

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Nolan North
Anthony Caliber

Edited by Stephanie Judge
Mixed by Paul Both
Research by Pagan McGrath
Produced & Created by Nolan North, PJ Haarmsa, Drew Lewis

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