Retro Replay wants to ensure its website is constantly full of fresh, fun stories for the fan community. That’s where you come in! As a contributor, you can help us create new, engaging content on a regular cadence. Read through the information here to see if it’s something you want to do, then sign up using the form below.

What’s a contributor?

Contributors are Replayers who voluntarily contribute their own original, interesting fan-centered content for the Retro Replay website on a regular cadence. 

What does a contributor have to do?

Contributors should:

  • Have experience in creating written or visual content for websites OR be willing to develop that skill set with coaching and direction from curators
  • Strive to submit at least one piece of content every 4 weeks (once per month)*
  • Work cooperatively with our community curators and editors using our tools and contributor workflow
  • Regularly monitor email, and respond promptly to emails from the curators and Drew
  • Attend occasional contributors meetings led by the curators or Drew
  • Engage positively with people who comment on their content

* Currently, we’re looking for contributors who are focused on writing articles of 1000+ words for the “Blog” portion of the website. In the future, we’ll loop in people to create other forms of media, like videos.

What should I write about?

The simple answer is: a topic you’re passionate about. That said, we ask contributors to create content that:

  • Uses your own words and personal style
  • Is friendly, positive, and welcoming
  • Expresses love and appreciation for the topic
  • Is conversational with a touch of humor
  • Respects people, companies, and brands, even when being critical of them
  • Encourages others to engage in discussion

Do contributors work for Retro Replay?

No. Contributors are unpaid volunteers from the Replayer community and are neither employees nor contractors of Retro Replay.

What if I can’t keep up the pace?

As we have more contributors, there will be less pressure on contributors to produce content frequently. That said, this is a commitment to stay active. 

If you need a little more time between contributions, like for a major life event, you should let the curators know so they can plan accordingly and know when to expect your return.

If you find that the responsibility is more than you can handle, you should let the curators and Drew know so we can take you off the contributor roll. Keep in mind that Retro Replay reserves the right to remove contributors who become inactive or unresponsive.

Alright, I think I can do it! What’s next?

Complete the form below and select “Submit,” then keep an eye on your email to set up your onboarding.