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Are you a massive history nerd? Maria and Pat join us this week to talk about Age of Empires 4 and some of our favorite Real-Time Strategy games. We also briefly discuss Forza Horizon 5 getting incredibly good review scores and why we think you should check it out. 

Dan’s take :

Age of Empires 4 feels like watching a historical documentary, especially with the additional videos explaining different elements from the past (ie the trebuchet, and crossbows) The gameplay is classic AoE style with some new elements and there are new factions that add some needed variety. Audio effects are more life like (troops yelling and hearing individual voices) which makes it feel more authentic. 

On the down side Troop AI can be very dull, not behaving in smart ways. Archers charging into battle rather than standing back and firing, like archers should. The graphics can leave one wanting especially when there are much better looking games on the market. These games can be very hard, but also very enjoyable on easy. Which i don’t seem to have an issue with other RTSs like Starcraft.

This is very much a PC game and there are whispers in the wind that a console port is in development, which hopefully translates well.

P.S. I need a Dynasty Warriors RTS game!


Pagan’s take :

Is Age of Empires for everyone? Well if you’re not into history, then probably not. I, for one, am a big history fan so I really enjoyed the cutscenes and dialogue throughout the campaign, detailing all of the steps taken in these infamous historic battles. The gameplay is super addictive in the AoE style and the detailed reenactment and visualizations across current day footage brings a fantastic upgrade to the series. 

I do have to say I find the menu difficult to navigate, and often I would agree with Dan in that the Troop AI can be a little dense. But this game really does encourage you to focus on grouping your squadrons and enacting a strategic attack on the enemy in order to win. 

Honestly if you love binging some history channel documentaries then this game is definitely for you! If you like learning cool history shit while also being entertained with addicting gameplay then go on and download this game on Game Pass or purchase it right now! History awaits!


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