Retro REplay

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I often see Nolan wearing a Retro Replay shirt. Where can I get one?
A: Head on over to to take a look at all of our latest Retro Replay merchandise available.

Q: When does Retro Replay air?
A: We have a variety of shows on Retro Replay! Currently Retro Replay airs every Thursday at 4pm PST, Advice from Uncle Noly airs every Tuesday at 12pm PST and Get Good airs every Saturday at 5pm PST!
Make sure to head over to our Retro Replay youtube channel and subscribe to keep up to date with all of our latest content!

Q: How can I become a member?
A: You can join the Retro Replay replayer family by heading on over to Retro Replay’s youtube channel and clicking on the memberships tab! We have a variety of memberships suitable for everyone!

Q: What if I have questions/suggestions?
A: That’s great! We’d love to hear from you! Send us any questions or suggestions you have to

Q: What is SOUP?
A: SOUP is the name we give to your continued support of the channel! Memberships or donations to the channel are often referred to as ‘Soup’ as we thank you for your ‘SOUP-port’! Also we feed it to Drew if he’s good…

Q: Does Drew really live in a Cage?
A: No of course not. ‘Live’ is definitely not a word we would use here…more like, ‘survives’. Yeah, Drew, survives in the cage. He’s fine…someone should probably feed him though… Damn, thought it was Nolans turn…

Q: Why are the Retro Replay shirts numbered?
A: Each shirt is numbered as we only do limited runs of our shirts. Once they are sold out we retire that shirt and number. If a shirt is incredibly popular we may do a reprint in the future…but only Uncle Noly knows when that will happen.

Q: Why is shipping overseas so expensive?
A: The cost is dynamically created based on your location by USPS. It’s a pass-through cost that Retro Replay doesn’t control, unfortunately.

Q: I want to send Nolan and the Retro Replay crew a fun gift. How do I go about doing that?
A: Email us at and let us know who you are and an idea of what you’re shipping and we’ll share our studio address with you.

Q: Why aren’t there any sizes larger than XXL for shirts and hoodies?
A: Currently XXXL sizes are on backorder from our vendor. When those sizes become available we’ll update the site.

Q: I’d like to get a shoutout on the show. How does that work?
A: That’s great! We have a variety of membership options available on our youtube channel. All of our ‘Get Good’ and above members will receive a shoutout on either Retro Replay or Get Good! Feel free to take a look at our membership perks and prices over on

Q: How do I get my name and photo to appear on the website?
A: Once you become a member and fill out the membership form you’ll receive an email from us asking you to login and create your profile!

Q: I’d like to help out with Retro Replay in some way. Are there any positions open?
A: As we grow the community and channel so will our need to grow the team. Follow Retro Replay on Twitter and Redbear Films on Twitter and Linkedin for updates on open positions. Also we are always looking for writers, illustrators, and creators who want to create content for the website. Feel free to reach out to for more info.

Q: Can I create fan art of Retro Replay and sell it online?
A: Absolutely! We only ask that you refrain from using the Retro Replay logo and implying that it’s official merchandise.

Q: Does Nolan respond to Youtube comments?
A: He sure does! As does the rest of the Retro Repay team including PJ, Drew, Stephanie, and Paul.

Q: How do I redeem my personalized video as an Altered Beast Member?
A: Great question. As part of being our highest SOUP-porter you get a personalized video from Nolan, Liam or Todd once a year. All you have to do is send us an email at with what you’d like your personalized video to be about and give us around 2-3 weeks to record and send it two you.

Q: I noticed some fans on the show. How can I be on the show with Nolan?
A: We have a brand new segment on Retro Replay where we invite two Replayers per episode to join us on the show. If you’re interested in taking part in this segment, members can fill in this form and we’ll be in touch for a future episode:

Q: Can I gift/donate my membership perks?
A: Yes absolutely! If you would prefer to donate a membership perk, send us over an email to to let us know how you’d like to gift/donate your perk.

Q: How do I enter the Personalised Voicemail Competition?
A: Simply sign up to be a member on our youtube channel your name is automatically entered into a draw! If you win, we’ll contact you via email to see if you have a personal request for the voicemail! Make sure to fill out your membership form once you’ve become a member so that we have a sure way to contact you. Good luck!

Q: How can I be on Get Good? And what do I need to do if I’ve won?
A: Sign up to our Get Good Membership tier, and you’ll automatically be entered into a competition to win a guest spot on the show! If you win, we’ll contact you via email with a few questions regarding recording time, and set up. Make sure to fill out your membership form fully so that we can have a sure way of contacting you if you win!

Q: How many times can I request a Personal Video or my Photo on the Bar as Altered Beast?
A: You’re guaranteed to have your photo on the bar on Retro Replay at least once in the year, and the personalized video is a once a year benefit. However, you’ll still be entered into the monthly membership competitions like ‘Win a Personalised Voicemail’ and ‘Win a chance to Get Good with Liam and Todd’. You’ll also have access to monthly Zoom meetings with the Cast and Crew as well as a tonne of other perks! Feel free to take a look at our full list of Altered Beast Membership perks here: