Retro Replay Membership

I’m interested in Membership with Retro Replay, but what exactly does that mean?

Well, we are so glad you asked! You don’t have to be a member to enjoy our content on our Youtube Channel, but if you would like to support our show by being a member, then we have some amazing membership perks to thank you!

Becoming a member is easy! All you have to do is have a youtube/google account, head on over to Retro Replay’s YouTube channel, click memberships, and you can sign up right there to start being a member of the Retro Replayer family, from as little as $4.99 a month!

You can upgrade/change or cancel your membership at any time, but being a member grants you access to some amazing membership perks which vary depending on which tier you join! We have four incredible membership tiers available; Welcome to the Party Pal, Get Good, Drew’s Soup and Altered Beast! Find out more about how much each of these tiers cost and what each membership includes below.

What are the prices of membership and benefits per tier?


At the Welcome to the Party Pal tier ($4.99/m), you will receive the following amazing membership perks:

Loyalty Badges next to your name on youtube!

    • Join us in our episode premiere live chats where your membership loyalty badge will appear next to your name in chat! There is a different loyalty badge for 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months!


  • Full use of our special members-only emojis during live chat at each episode premiereRetro Replay emojis

Members-only Posts

    • Enjoy members-only content like posters, polls, behind the scenes photos and announcements featured on our Community tab on our youtube channel.

Members-only Live Stream

    • Want to chat with the Retro Replay Cast and/or Crew live? Now you can, with access to members-only live streams once per month! We’ll post a link for this on the Community tab a few hours before we go live!

10% Discount on Merch

    • Gear up with this EXCLUSIVE members-only 10% discount code on all RR merch. After checking the Membership Tab on the Retro Replay Youtube Channel for the latest discount code, simply head on over to and put in the discount code at checkout

Member Wall

12-month Reward

    • If you’re a member for a consecutive 12 months, you’ll receive an exclusive anniversary pin in the post!

Personalized voicemail competition

    • This membership tier will give you one entry into our monthly competition to win a personalized voice message from the cast of Retro Replay or Get Good! Each month we’ll draw one lucky winner and be in touch via email to discuss your prize! Good Luck!


At the Get Good tier ($14.99/m) you will receive all of the above membership perks from the Welcome to the Party Pal tier in addition to these fantastic perks:

15% Discount on Merch

    • Gear up with this EXCLUSIVE members-only 15% discount code on all RR merch. After checking the Membership Tab on the Retro Replay Youtube Channel for the latest discount code, simply head on over to and put in the discount code at checkout

In Show Shout Out

    • All members at this tier will receive a shout out on the show! Choose to either have your shout out on Retro Replay or Get Good when filling out your membership form! Once completed, we’ll take it from here and ensure you receive your shout out on a future episode of the show!

Have your chance to Get Good!

    • Ready to Get Good? This membership will automatically enter you into a monthly draw to win a guest spot on Get Good, to play or chat with Liam & Todd! If you win, we’ll be in contact with you via email to discuss what works best for you!


At the Drew’s Soup tier ($24.99/m), you will receive all of the above amazing benefits from the Get Good and Welcome to the Party Pal tier as well as:

Ho Ho Ho! Now You Get A Holiday Card!

    • Once a year around the holidays you’ll get a signed Holiday Card from Retro Replay! Make sure that your address is up to date via our membership form and we’ll ensure you get some Season’s Greetings from Retro Replay cast and crew!

Priority Questions for Members-Only Live

    • Got a question for the Retro Replay channel? We’ll answer some of your burning questions during the members-only live stream! A few hours before we go live, a special post will be posted on the Community Tab on the Retro Replay Youtube Channel for you to send us in your questions!

Zoom Q&A and Chat with RR Crew

    • Yes, you read that right! Once a month, you’ll get to hang out with Drew, PJ, Steph, Paul & Pagan for a Q&A and chat in Zoom! We’ll post the zoom link & password on the community tab for Drew’s Soup & above members when we’re ready to go!


Our Altered Beast tier ($49.99/m) is our top tier and it includes all of the previously mentioned benefits from the Welcome to the Party Pal, Get Good and Drew’s Soup tiers, as well as these exclusive perks:

Personalized Video

    • Once a year you can request a short personalized video from either Nolan, Liam, or Todd! Ready to request your video? Email!

Photo on the Bar

    • Get featured on Retro Replay! Send us in your photo via the membership form so that we can frame your beautiful face on the bar behind Nolan & guest for an entire episode of RETRO REPLAY!

Social Media Follows

    • Make sure to send us in your twitter handle when submitting your membership form so that Nolan and Drew can follow you on twitter!

Zoom Meeting with the cast!

    • Are you excited? We’re excited! Once a month, you’ll get to hang out with the Cast (Either Nolan, Cooper, Liam, Todd or More!) for a Q&A and chat in Zoom! We’ll post the zoom link & password on the community tab 24 hours prior to the meet!

Got Questions? We got you! See some of our most frequently asked membership questions below:

I just joined! What now?

Amazing news! All you have to do is make sure to complete the membership form available by clicking on the membership tab over on Retro Replay’s youtube channel. This form is essential so we can have your details should you be a lucky winner of one of our competitions or if you have been a member for over 12 months so that we can ensure you receive your exclusive membership pin!

Also, if you’re joining us for the live chat when the Retro Replay episode premieres, your name will now be in green with a loyalty badge right next to it! Your loyalty badge will change color depending on the length of your membership!

Other than that, have fun! And enjoy all that your membership tier has to offer!

Can I upgrade my membership for more perks?

Absolutely! Feel free to check out the Membership Tab on our youtube channel for all the membership tiers available, their pricing, and what they include!

If I upgrade/downgrade my membership, will this affect how long I’ve been a member?

Nope! Your membership will be continued monthly as normal. It does not register you as a new member, so you’ll still be able to accumulate those 12 months to get that special anniversary pin! Remember you can be a member at any tier, as long as you’re a member consistently for 12 months, you’re able to get the Retro Replay loyalty pin!

How can I stay up to date with Retro Replay news and announcements?

This is a great question! Why not sign up to our mailing list to stay up to date with all the latest Retro Replay announcements? You can sign up over on

What if I don’t have Zoom for the Zoom Chat Q&A?

Don’t worry! You don’t need to have Zoom to join! You can join via your browser with the same link! Click on the link once it’s posted in the Community Tab and then click ‘open in browser’ when prompted! It’s that simple! Although not necessary, we do recommend having headphones with a microphone for these sessions to make the most of the Zoom call audio! Any set of headphones, including those that come with phones, will be perfectly fine!

How do I enter the monthly competitions?

If you’re a current member, then you’re already entered automatically into our monthly draw for a personalized voicemail competition! Each month we enter your name (the number of times we enter your name depends on your membership level) into a random draw for the personalized voicemail competition. Once a winner is drawn, we reach out via email and discuss the prize details further!

Likewise, if you’re a member of the ‘Get Good’ or higher tier then you’re automatically entered into a draw for the ‘Win a Chance to Get Good’ competition! Each month we’ll draw a random name from either the Get Good, Drew’s Soup, or Altered Beast tier and reach out to the winner via email!

What if I have questions/suggestions?

That’s great! Send us any questions or suggestions you have to! We’re always happy to hear from you!