The Silver Lining for Google’s Stadia Cloud

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It’s crazy to think how the internet has evolved throughout the years. It has gone from searching and sharing information to being able to stream TV and movies. In today’s era, Google took the leap on being able to stream video games straight from your TV, computer, tablet, or even our phones! Google Stadia has gotten that ball rolling even while Amazon Luna and Xbox Cloud Gaming subscription services are still testing.

Screen capture from Google Stadia's library

Screen capture from scrolling through the Stadia game library.

Before we can move on, we have to address the big elephant in the room. Yes, Google has shut down their internal game studios that were planning to release first-party games for the Stadia. No, that doesn’t mean that Stadia is going to a dark corner and die. Even though it’s a huge blow to some gamers that are getting invested with their system (like me), Google still plans to work with other game publishers and developers to try and port their games to Stadia, including games like Madden NFL, Outriders, and the recently announced Resident Evil Village!

Now I’m not a huge specs guy, but a cloud-based Stadia server in a datacenter contains a custom x86 processor running at 2.7 GHz, 16GB of RAM, and a custom AMD GPU that can run at 10.7 teraFLOPS. In layman’s terms, it’s a beast. The main idea when the Stadia first came out back in 2019 was to be a stronger and faster console than the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro while trying to perform close to the PC power of 4K gaming. However, with the transitional phase of the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox, Stadia is still playing catch-up to get its name out there and let gamers know that the Stadia library is growing every month. Currently, the Stadia has AAA title games like Doom Eternal, Final Fantasy 15, and Resident Evil 7.

Screen capture from Stadia's infrastructure page

The growing map of data centers serving Google Stadia’s infrastructure as of May 2021.

For gamers who are new to the platform, Stadia has different ways to get set up that make it easy. You can just go to, set up an account to buy a game from their library, and start playing. From there, you can use any Bluetooth controller, including a PS4, Xbox, or a generic controller that will work on any PC, tablet, or smartphone. For example, I have run Destiny 2 on my laptop and smartphone wirelessly with no issues. 

Google Stadia Premiere Edition

Stadia Premiere Edition with Google Chromecast Ultra and a Stadia controller.

Another route you can go is to buy the Stadia Premiere Edition, which comes with the Google Chromecast Ultra and a Stadia controller that costs $99. The Chromecast Ultra is a 4K streaming device you can use to play your games on your TV, especially great if you have a 4K TV. What’s really nice about the Chromecast Ultra is that it has an Ethernet port where you can use a physical cable to connect to your network router or modem for the best possible internet signal.

If you decide to try out that official Stadia controller, it may feel odd for an hour or so when trying to play a game. The best way I can describe the controller is that they decided to fuse the Xbox controller size with the PS4 button and analog sticks layout.

Everyone: once in a while Google does an insane promotion where you can get the kits for free! One of the previous promotions was if you were a YouTube Premium member for 3 months, you were eligible (that’s how I got mine). The highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 release had the same type of promotion: if you preorder the game, you would get the kit for free. Stadia is also doing that same exact promotion for Resident Evil 8, too, from now to May 21, 2021 while supplies last.

Stadia Pro versatility across devices

Let’s get down to the technical nitty gritty for you, the gamer. With Stadia being a cloud-based system, what sort of internet requirement do you need to at least play your games? At minimum you would need a bitrate of 10 megabits per second (Mbps) to play games at 720p quality, and 25 Mbps for 1080p. Wait, can’t the Stadia stream games on 4K? The answer is yes, but there are 2 requirements to get 4K: (1) an internet speed of at least 35 Mbps and (2) an active Stadia Pro membership.

Stadia Pro logoHold up, what’s Stadia Pro? The membership is actually very similar to the PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass memberships. It runs $10 dollars per month and includes monthly free games and discounts on some other games that are in their library. Keep in mind that there is a downside: if you discontinue the Stadia Pro membership, you lose all the free games you gained previous months.

I’ve laid out the general info about Stadia, but let me give you a bit of my personal take after using the console for a while.

When I first heard about Stadia, I thought it was a neat idea to have a cloud-based system. However, I knew the internet speed was going to be an issue for a lot of rural areas that do not have high speeds. I took the chance of getting Stadia based on the YouTube Premium promotion that I mentioned earlier, and I thought to myself I would only lose $10 to the Stadia Pro membership if the system became a bust for me. 

It only took about 10 minutes for me to set the Chromecast Ultra up to my TV and hook up the controller wirelessly. Now, keep in mind that I did a physical Ethernet cable setup between the Chromecast Ultra and my Google router (you can use any router) to ensure I have the fastest speed possible. I booted up Destiny 2 (the base game is free now) and was surprised to see how fast the load time was for me. I was also impressed with the crisp framerate and 4K graphics that were holding up over 2 hours of gameplay. The only hiccups I ran into were slight blurry visuals from a slight hiccup on my internet connection, which only lasted a few seconds. 

Playing Stadia games on a smartphone

Playing Stadia games on a smartphone that’s hooked up to a controller.

I know what you’re thinking, though: I was using that wired connection. What about going wireless?

I waited a few days to try out the wireless internet connection. Why did I wait? Stadia finally rolled out a convenient feature where you can automatically stream your game to YouTube with a few clicks. This works like the built-in features on the PS4 or Xbox for streaming to Twitch or YouTube. I actually had one of my friends watch the live stream that was at 1080p and 60 frames per second (fps). I played for an hour looking like an idiot trying to solve a puzzle in Destiny 2. Everything had a strong connection, and I did not experience any latency commands on my controller either. Take a look at the video below to see some gameplay footage I captured and put together. 

While Stadia had a tough initial launch in 2019, I’m excited with the direction they decided to move forward after closing down their studio. Google already announced that there will be over a 100 games to be released. Since I still haven’t been able to get my hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X systems, the Stadia will be the system I’ll use as a next-gen until I am able to get my hands on a PS5.

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  1. Nathaniel D Vinson

    I know it’s had a rocky start bit I LOVE the idea of stadia, 4k gaming on streaming!! and it’s just sad that in 2021 99% of people in the USA don’t have internet that can sustain it. I hope if game streaming becomes more popular in 10+ years time stadia will still be around or google will try again….

    • Josh Neff

      Nathaniel totally! I am really hoping that if Stadia continues it’s trend of porting AAA games on their system and that our internet coverage gets better and consistent.

  2. Sean

    I’ve been iffy on the stadia for awhile. I’ve used game pass and now currently with ps now, so I kinda know how the streaming works. Realistically, I’d wanna use stadia if I’m traveling or going over to a friend’s house. It seems like the perfect fit for that kind of lifestyle. I’m hopeful for its future.

    • Josh Neff

      For sure Sean! I was hesitant as well. I have played mortal Kombat 11 and Doom 2016 on my phone with no issues and that was odd for me. However, I’m still hopeful the next set of games that are coming out this year help continue for a brighter future for Stadia.

  3. Rezaps

    Stadia is a really cool idea and I hope they improve it, I would love to use stadia and be able to play any game anywhere.

  4. andrea

    I am hopeful for the stadia- while i dont have one (and totally want one ) I have a sneaking suspicion we’re going to see some really cool projects come out on it.

    • Josh Neff

      Me Too! My mind was blown when Resident Evil 8 Village was ported to Stadia. I have played that game for over 14 hours now on my 4k TV and haven’t had any slowdown on quality of the game. Resident Evil is probably Stadia best looking game right now next to Yakuza spinoff game Judgement.

      • Andrea

        I didn’t know rE8 was on there! Oh I’m way more excited now

  5. Stephanie Watson

    I think we’re going to continue to see more and more online activity moving into the cloud space. Local electronic devices that connect to the internet will be more streamlined to use the cloud with more emphasis on processing power and bandwidth than on storage capacity and performance. Google was on the edge with the G1, the predecessor of all Android smartphones, and the Stadia shows they’re on the edge for cloud-based gaming, too. This is going to making gaming more accessible for people who can’t invest in big consoles or PCs, and I think it’s the ideal platform to focus on as online games adopt cross-play more broadly. I look forward to seeing where it goes from here!

  6. Fisty La RUe

    The idea of gaming without another console I cannot afford has be quite intrigued! I would definitely give it a go.

  7. Pistachio

    the biggest issue I’ve had with stadia is the compression on dark environments. While I was playing through some of the Assassin’s Creed games with a Ubisoft+ subscription running through stadia certain locations and levels were almost unplayable with the amount of obvious compression square dohickies taking up most of the screen. Besides that it was an excellent way to experience some of Ubisoft’s newest games in high quality for a fraction of what paying for each Game and a system strong enough to run them would cost


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